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Apex Hosting offers a high-quality development and production platform for Oracle applications. The Apex platform is specifically suited for Oracle Apex applications.

Your application will require hosting once it is ready for use. You can choose to run your own hosting onsite, or, instead, let us host your application in a dedicated hosting environment.

Apex is excellently suited for a shared hosting environment. You will be provided with your own admin login in order to ensure complete control of you own application.


This allows you to manage your ICT budget cost-effectively as there is no need to invest in Oracle DBA hardware, software or licenses.

Apex Hosting Services charges a monthly fixed fee based on your hosting package: cost effective investment - no surprises.

Your application will be hosted in a secure data centre that comes equipped with an emergency power generator, cooling equipment, and a redundant network infrastructure.

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APEX Hosting Advantages

  1. Simple. Select a package and register
  2. Cost-Effective. Share hardware, software and licence’s fees with other users.
  3. Outsourcing. No need for IT expertise if you outsource your hosting.
  4. Professional Hosting.Your application is monitored 24/7 and back-ups of your data are made at our remote hosting centre
  5. Business Expansion. You can choose a more advanced hosting package according to your business’ expansion.
  6. Saas model. Software, hardware and services are charged on a monthly, low, fixed-fee basis.